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Keven Steege

Keven Steege, CPA

Keven is a Certified Public Accountant and shareholder that has been with Baker & Colson since 2006.  He maintains a book of individual and business clients in a variety of industries and also oversees our estate and trust engagements.  Additionally, he has extensive experience with QuickBooks, financial statement compilations and reviews, business valuations, personal financial planning; and he attempts to keep the tidiest office in the firm.

One interesting fact about Keven is that he passed the CPA exam before taking a single college accounting course (which were later added to round out his education.)  He also is a co-host of Portland's longest running, live call-in radio show with a financial planner, attorney and CPA.  He is the Tax Investigator and you can catch him on Saturday mornings from 8am - 9am on KUFO Freedom 970 AM, or .

Though a native Oregonian and having lived here most of his life, he has traveled to most of the States and looks forward to someday visiting the Northeast.  In his free time he enjoys traveling with his wife; keeping active in basketball, running and golf; the joys of home ownership; plinking on his guitar; studying the stars and attending various church activities.